Monday, October 10, 2016

Advanced Lipo Center: When Your Diet Goes Flat - But Your Stomach Doesn't

                        When Your Diet Goes Flat - But Your Stomach Doesn’t

If you can’t flatten your stomach, no matter how much you work out, or how meticulously you stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle, remember that countless others are likewise frustrated. In fact, every day, millions consider taking drastic action to shed their ab flab; but many fear that the available solutions will be TOO drastic. That’s why our Mini Tummy Tuck can be the perfect answer! One of our most popular treatments – for women and men it's an effective, minimally invasive alternative to traditional tummy tucks. Performed under local anesthesia, it reduces abdominal and back fat, sculpts the waistline, and requires little recovery time. So, if your diet has gone flat – but your stomach’s retaining its fat – call us today!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Advanced Lipo Center: Make Your Resolution BEFORE The End Of The Year

Make Your Resolution BEFORE The End Of The Year

Don’t wait until the end of the year to resolve to shed excess fat. We can get you into shape now, so you’ll be looking as spectacular as the fall scenery – while it’s still at its peak! Indeed, our liposuction techniques not only eliminate fat, but stimulate collagen production as well; and that means that your skin will continue to get smoother and firmer – long after the treatment is over! That way, you’ll have something else to be thankful for in November; and you'll still be the star of the show underneath the mistletoe!



Sunday, August 28, 2016

Advanced Lipo Center: Excess Neck Fat? Keep Your Chin Up!

                                            Excess Neck Fat? Keep Your Chin Up!

Even after winning their long struggles to lose weight, many people are less than thrilled with the results. That’s because fat often remains in some places, when it disappears from others; and significant weight loss can also cause drooping in certain areas. This occurs commonly around the neck and jowls, creating the dreaded “double chin.”

While this has long been among the most stubborn and vexing problems, today, there’s an easy, effective solution – and it doesn’t involve surgery! Indeed, we now offer Kybella, an advanced injectable that removes unwanted chin fat, while smoothing, toning, and defining the natural jawline. So, if excess neck fat is plaguing you, keep your chin up – and call us!    

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