Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Advanced Lipo Center: Lend Us Your Ears - and We'll Fix 'em!

                                      Lend Us Your Ears – and We’ll Fix 'em!

While women have traditionally been the ones associated with suffering in the name of fashion, over the past several years, members of both sexes have been taking it to new levels. In fact, with the piercing and tattooing crazes that have exploded, they’re really stretching it! Yes, besides causing great discomfort, “body art” has ruined many a body part; and ear gauges are extremely damaging, as they can completely obliterate the lobes.

Whether your earlobes have been distorted by gauges, or from years of wearing heavy earrings, or if they've been ripped or injured, listen up! With our earlobe repair procedure, we can reconstruct them. So lend us your ears – and we’ll fix 'em!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Advanced Lipo Center: Umbilicoplasty Might Just Hit the Spot!

                                                       Umbilicoplasty Might Just Hit the Spot!

The list of reasons why people are shy about wearing revealing fashions keeps growing. That’s because, aside from the old, standard complaints, several modern factors have emerged. Belly-button piercing, for example, which became popular in the 90’s, has led to a generation of people with stretched-out, scarred, and misshapen navels.
If your belly-button has been damaged, or altered by pregnancy, or if you just want to improve its appearance, call us. Our umbilicoplasty procedure might just hit the spot! 

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