Friday, July 24, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: The Spot-On Solution for Thinning Lips

                                                   The Spot-On Solution for Thinning Lips

While futile attempts to trim problem areas can be frustrating, hearing  experts say that it’s impossible to “spot reduce” is purely aggravating. Indeed, women know that there is an area where fat effortlessly evaporates; and, ironically, it’s the one place that they’d like it to remain their lips! 

If this is your state of unfair affairs, we can “spot increase” them, with our Perma Facial Implants. Made of soft, leak-free silicone, their range of sizes, and contoured ends, give them a full, natural look. So, if your lips are a spot that you wish to plump up, this is the spot-on solution!     

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: A Fitting Way to Lose Inches

                                               A Fitting Way to Lose Inches

Besides being a turning point for the seasons, the vernal equinox is the time when people really start noticing the weight they’ve put on over the winter, and begin trying to lose it before the summer solstice. Unfortunately, for many, those stubborn “holiday pounds” are still there when it's time to shop for shorts and swimsuits. That causes a lot of fits – and mis-fits – in dressing rooms; and it doesn't get any easier when summer holidays start adding to the problem!       

Whether you’ve gained a bit, hit a plateau, or simply want to jump-start your weight loss, our Infrared Body Wraps are the perfect solution! In just one session, they can burn 900-1400 calories, take off inches, enhance your contours, and reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. So, come in and try a Body Wrap on for size. You'll find it’s only fitting!   
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: Out Breast Augmentation Procedure Tops 'em All

                                       Our Breast Augmentation Procedure Tops ‘em All  

While, for many women, the prospect of trying on clothes may be unpleasant, nothing equals the sheer dread of shopping for swimwear. Although some specific anxieties may vary, a common lament is that there’s too much, uh, material, in one area, and not enough in another.             

If you’ve ever bemoaned this cruel irony, we’ve got great news. We can use fat from other areas of your body to enlarge your breasts! Our Natural Breast Augmentation procedure is virtually pain-free, requires under 48 hours for recovery, and yields amazingly natural-looking results! So, the next time you have to buy a new bathing suit, you won’t shrink from the chore. 

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