Monday, February 23, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: Stay Warm Now, Be Hot Later

                                      Stay Warm Now, Be Hot Later

  Yes, it's the dead of winter; but as March approaches, like many people, you may be checking to see what shape your summer wardrobe is in; and especially, what shape you're in. But even if you think you must lose weight before wearing those clothes, you may not feel like dealing with it now – because it’s freezing, and you just want to wrap yourself in something warm! It’s just too bad that can’t help you lose weight; but wait – it can!
  Our Infrared Body Wraps will quickly burn 900-1400 calories, take off inches, and reduce the appearance of cellulite! Best of all, you can keep your clothes on during the treatment (talk about non-invasive!), so you can stay snug and warm knowing that, when it comes time to shed the extra layers, you’ll really be hot!  

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: Move Those Pounds to Higher Ground

                                                                             Move Those Pounds to Higher Ground

Most people either love, or hate, winter; but few take the middle ground. Many say it’s depressing and packs on pounds, which do take the middle ground; and some women want to send those pounds packing - to a loftier elevation.   
In our Breast Augmentation procedure, we'll lift it to great heights, to serve a nobler purpose. Indeed, by transferring fat from other areas of your body, we can enlarge your breasts! So, if that flab is making winter more drab, we’ll make it take a hike – to higher ground!

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