Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Advanced Lipo Center: This Mother's Day - Give Her Some Lip

                                          This Mother’s Day – Give Her Some Lip

“Don’t give me any lip – or else!” If you heard this famous, universal warning countless mothers have issued to their kids, the fear of finding out what “else” was may have kept you from giving her any. But, time passes, and things change; and, as the passage of time may have changed the shape and fullness of your mother’s lips, it’s likely that she’s reversed her stance, and would, indeed, appreciate your giving her some lip. Truly, that may be the perfect Mother’s Day gift; and, whether she’d like to enhance, or re-shape, her lips, temporarily or permanently, we’ve got the perfect fit! So, take advantage of our specials, or give her a gift certificate. We'll give her the full, natural-looking lips she wants; and she’ll use them to give you a big kiss!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Advanced Lipo Center: Don't Get Uptight Over a Little Drooping - Let US Do It!

                                                Don’t Get Uptight Over a Little Drooping – Let US Do It!

Among the most dreaded signs of aging, sagging jowls occur when depleted collagen stores diminish elasticity, reducing definition in and around the cheeks and jaws. This is a doubly disheartening development, as this has always been an especially difficult area to rejuvenate, without artificial-looking results.

That's all changed, though, because our Silhouette Facelift does a spectacular job of restoring an uplifted, youthful, and quite natural, appearance to the lower face and neck. A safe, minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, it can usually be done under local anesthetic, in a few hours, and requires only 3-5 days for recovery. So, don't get uptight over a little drooping - let US do it! 

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Advanced Lipo Center: The Perfect Starting Point for a Slimmer Summer

                                                    The Perfect Starting Point for a Slimmer Summer 

Many people are anxious, because it's spring - and they’ve made little (or no) progress on their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and look great this summer. It’s not necessarily that they haven’t tried, either, as people often just give up when the weight won’t budge, despite their best efforts; but that's no reason to push the panic button. 

Indeed, it's not too late to push the start button; and liposuction can be the perfect beginning. Besides eliminating fat from all over the body, our advanced procedures smooth and tone the skin; and, as they also encourage collagen production, the firming continues even after the treatment is over – so you’ll even get a head-start on maintenance!

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