Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: Get Your Ears Looking Better Than They Have in Years

  Get Your Ears Looking Better Than They Have in Years

Spring clothing shopping has really started hopping. However, a spectacular fashion debut also depends heavily upon accessories; and earrings occupy the top two spots in that department. In fact, they’re so integral to the overall look that they can practically make or break an ensemble; but, unfortunately, they can also be unkind to ear lobes. Indeed, over time, large, heavy earrings can stretch or tear the ear lobes; and ear gauges can ruin them completely.

If your lobes have been distorted, damaged, or even destroyed, from earrings, or from injuries, call us. With our Earlobe Repair procedure, we’ll get your ears looking better than they have in years!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: Wave Good-Bye to Bat Wings - Without Jiggling

                                                             Wave Good-Bye to Bat Wings – Without Jiggling

Thoughts of spring may conjure images of birds singing and bees buzzing; but millions will see bat wings flapping the first time they don short-sleeved shirts and the loose skin on their upper arms starts to flutter! If you have this problem, you may be embarrassed by the constant jiggling, whether you’re playing sports, or simply waving. However, with our liposuction and tuck procedures, your arms will look sleek and toned again. Then, you can wave good-bye to your bat wings, and welcome spring with open arms – without jiggling!

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