Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Advanced Lipo Center: Lift Your Glass, Your Spirits, and Your Face

Lift Your Glass, Your Spirits, and Your Face

No matter how many times they’ll toast to a “Merry Christmas!” in the coming weeks, many people won’t really be very jolly. If you're among those who feel let down during the holidays, maybe you need to lift more than a glass.

With our Silhouette Facelift, we can firm up the skin in your lower face and neck, to restore your youthful appearance. Now that’s something worth toasting to! This outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthetic, normally takes just a few hours. What's more, it requires only 3-5 days for recovery; and that's a lot less time than it takes most people to recover from the holidays!   


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Advanced Lipo Center: Get Your Lips Ready for Their Close-ups!

                                                                        Get Your Lips Ready for Their Close-ups!

With all of the parties, friends, relatives, and mistletoe awaiting you over the holidays, your lips will be center stage; and our Perma Facial Implants will keep them picture- and pucker-perfect. 

Available in a range of sizes, they feature tapered ends that allow them to conform to all lip contours; and they can be replaced, or removed, at any time. Made of soft, sturdy silicone, they look completely natural, and will never rupture or degrade. So your lips will always be ready for their close-ups; and you’ll always be prepared for an encore!

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