Monday, November 30, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: Don't Worry - Be Merry!

Don’t Worry – Be Merry!
While the holidays are supposed to be about fun and revelry with family and friends, they’re actually full of stress, stress, and MORE stress! So, apparently, it takes a lot of work and worry for us to make ourselves merry.

Luckily, though, the tension doesn’t have to show. In one, 10-minute Botox treatment, we can erase those lines. Then, you can put on your party face, so you'll always be ready to "mug" for photos at those holiday get-togethers!   

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Advanced Lipo Center: Be Thankful That Sometimes, More is Less

                                              Be Thankful That Sometimes, More is Less

If you think you’ve got “a lot on your plate” now, just wait until next week, when Thanksgiving makes that more than just an expression. What’s more, whatever you eat will seem like an appetizer compared to what’s to come at all of the parties you’ll be attending for the rest of 2015 – which, unfortunately, may mean that there’ll be a lot more of you by 2016!  

If the thought of facing all of the food, drink, and irresistible goodies at those get-togethers has you concerned even more than usual about your weight, we can help you stress less. Indeed, our advanced liposuction techniques can safely and effectively remove fat, while encouraging collagen growth, smoothing skin, and defining contours. So, while the prospect of gaining extra pounds may be causing you some worry, there’s no need to make more of it, when we can make less of it!           

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